Team Pam - People Against Morons

Name: Game Blaze/Boy Adventurer
Age: 17
Species: Human
Skills: Adventurer, Amateur time traveller, Leadership, Free style fighting, Fire abilities and General knowledge.
Personality: G.B.A is... G.B.A. A young man who loves to go and explore new places, be a hero and have a great laugh. Sometimes he'll feel he's on top of the world, other times he can be slightly grumpy. But overall he's a friendly individual who answers all life's bizarre threats with sarcastic remarks and wacky antics.
Names: Masky, El Maskoopa, Mask Knight
Age: 17
Species: Human
Skills: Adventurer, Swords, Fire Tricks, Flight and General Knowledge.
Personality: El Maskoopa (Or Masky for short) is a split personality that became he's own being. He was originally nothing, but a raging angry man that reflected G.B.A's inner emotional problems. But now he's pretty chill and always in control.
Name: Burpy McCraze
Age: 16
Species: Puffballs or something
Skills: Hat tricks, speaking in snail, football and trickster.
Personality: Best friend of G.B.A and co-founder of PAM, Burp is a puffball that is wild, weird and absolutely bonkers for just about anything. He may be a fun guy to hang out with; but he has one nasty temper.
Name: Disco Dinodude
Age: 17
Species: Dinosaur (Appearance based on a Yoshi)
Skills: Dancing, Historian, Detective Work and Adventurer.
Personality: Cheeky and a little rude, Disco is the team's standard everyday guy who has to deal with the usual craziness in the PAM house. Normally he's a nice guy, but he'll give cheek and snarky remarks back when annoyed. But sometimes even he will fall into the over dramatic procedures and hyperactivity with his pals.
Name: Rhian "RyeGuy" Gull
Age: 14
Species: Terminian Or... Elf?
Skills: Adventurer, sword fighting and video games.
Personality: RyeGuy is a friendly naive boy who aims to become the greatest swordsman that ever lived! Too bad he's a coward and will run away if things get too rough for him. But if innocent lives or his friends are in danger; he'll 'hopefully' return to save them.
Name: James Sposee
Age: 16
Species: Fox
Skills: Tech, science, general knowledge and chess player
Personality: Almost cowardly as RyeGuy, Sposee prefers to avoid fights unless provoked. He's the team science wiz, creating gadgets and gizmos to help his friends on their adventures. He's a polite, friendly cheerful guy with a sharp mind; it's a shame he lacks common sense...
Name: Chompy Glacier
Age: 15
Species: Puffballs...
Skills: Robotics, video games, ice mystic, cooking and being a troll.
Personality: Another oddball in the PAM group who enjoys annoying his enemies and even his friends in any possible way, but when the time calls for it he generally shows concern for his buddies and tags alongside with them.
Name: Razgriz
Age: 236
Species: Revenant (Once looked like a Vole long ago.)
Skills: Undead nightmare, cursed with awesome and transformation weaponry touch
Personality: Even though he's dead, he's still having the time of his life. PAM's friendly neighbourhood zombie-like creature who treats every situation with a hint of joy.
Name: T-Bomb
Age: 16
Species: He's a walking talking bomb... What else do you want?!
Skills: Exploding, partying, holding things with non-existing hands and DJ.
Personality: The strong and silent type except he's not silent. T-Bomb is the team's literal term of Demolition Man who loves to be the life of the party... even when going boom.
Name: Blu
Age: ???
Species: Nobody knows...
Skills: Shape-shifter, Copy-Cat and Master of disguise.
Personality: The Team's mysterious individual who can shape and form into anything that he wants. Blu is a calm and gentle guy, but has a drinking problem. Nobody on PAM knows what he really looks like but he's normally seen as either a blue looking human being or a puffball...
Name: Daniel Trigger
Age: 15
Species: Porcupine.
Skills: Force Push Powers, Basic fight style, Adventurer, Marksman (kind of) and Traveller.
Personality: Daniel snarks as much as he practices his tricks. Somewhat of a cynical knight, but a generally good person.
Name: Dom "ShadowKid" Tele
Age: 17
Species: Human
Skills: A bad con-man, general knowledge and trickster.
Personality: Shadowkid believes that he's some sort badass action hero, but in reality he's nothing more than a slightly-greedy teenager who doesn't know when to quit. Loves to brag about past exploits that he has done in the past.