Getting bored with G.B.A and his pals? Then why not check out the shared universe comics of the 'Crib-verse' starting with "That's Mah Dewi"!

A spin-off from G.B.A's crib about the young narrator Dewi Evans he does... whatever he wants.

Follow the crazy adventures of Anthony Smith, an oddball man of crafting and magic.

Hey hey, wanna read something else than G.B.A's crib? (You good for nothing...) Check out these comics from my pals!

A Discreet Marjo Comic. (Plus it's the guy who shot me...)

The adventures of a rather eccentric fellow by the name of Jerry. (Good friend of mine and co-author at Serious Times).

Tales of a Red Spiky-haired temperamental Yoshi and his pal. (Another good friend of mine who also works at Serious Times with me).

Follow Dex, his friends, his enemies, and other people as he travels to distant lands, defeat monsters, and even achieves the most sought-after thing in the world ... immortality! (This guy also works at Serious Times with me).

Luigi, Peach, and E.Gadd (no one cares bout him) are teenagers again. Mario needs to father them. Yoshi helps.

Wait... you're still not happy? Sheesh okay okay... check out Serious Times, it's a CRAZY comic with all sorts of insane people!