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Welcome to the crib, forget everything you knew about logic. Why? Because G.B.A and his pals have just ruined it...

Cast Page and Affiliates UPDATED

Just like the title says, I finally fixed up and changed a few things on those two pages.

Enjoy and so on. More to come. I promise!

Whoever is reading this...

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Updating Broken Comics and slight edits

Hey there!

It has certainly been awhile the last time I did any of these new annoucement posts.

So what's the word this time around? Well I'm just fixing some broken images scattered across the comic's archive, and seeing I'm doing that I guess I'll use this opportunity to fix some past mistakes.

Mistakes such as typos, something I may have forgotten to add (e.g. speech bubble tails) and of course quality control in general.

I guess this is what I get for relying on Imageshack. Hahahahaha-Anyway.

If there's any comic I may have missed, tell me as soon as possible.


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The Cast Page is finally updated (Sort Of)

Hey everybody, awhile back I mentioned that I would finally make a cast page for G.B.A's crib featuring the characters that appear. The page has a list of the heroes in Team PAM now, later on I will add the villains, the other egos/tranformations and the recurring cameos.

Stay tuned.

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Hopefully fixed for real

Okay so what I said before about the images, I thought I fixed them all but turns out Imageshack just hates me for no reason. So instead I'm just compress future comics. Image hostng websites just hate me now.

posted by G.B.A @ April 29th, 2012, 1:26 pm   1 comments

Blurry Images

Today I found out that some of the comics that being hosted from Imageshack are blurry and have been slightly resized, hopefully I'll have them sorted out for G.B.A's crib and then I'll have to check my other webcomics. If I miss any just leave a comment on the comic that has the problem.

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Well what you may be expecting but...

Sorry for the delay for next upcoming comic, but trust me it's gonna be great. Anyway I added a new page with some links to other comics from my friends. They are pretty awesome I recommend you checking them out.


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Custom Pages are getting revamped!

Hello there Viewers, just a heads up I'm redoing the custom pages for G.B.A's crib as I'm currently doing a more updated version of the character bios that will made in flash and also the misc stuff page will be corrected in a neat format.

So in the words of Nobert the Wizard: STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT MORE!

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Enjoy reading the comics.

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